Repaired Shona African Stone Carving

            Cleaned Outdoor Marble sculpture

Ivory and baleen ship model reconstruction

             Repaired miniature wax portrait

Fire-damaged Indonesian wood-carving.

Corrosion removal-- ancient archaeological bronze

Reconstruction of crushed Chinese carving

After Treatment

Below are some before and after views of a few of the objects treated at our studio

After cleaning and stabilization of fragile inlays.

                  Repaired Japanese Porcelain Plate

Crushed and soiled Beaded Cradleboard

Water-damaged Tibetan prayer-wheel

Modern synthetic sculpture renewal

                 Repair of Antique Ivory Busk

Porcelain repair and restoration

Restoration of damaged marble sacred sculpture

Repair of large Malawi wood mask

        Mold Remediation-- antique leather saddle

After cleaning, stabilization and restoration.

Art and Antiquities Conservation, LLC

Carved cedar pole restoration.