Art and Antiquities Conservation, LLC

ABOUT  Linda Roundhill, OWNER

I am a professional Art Conservator with a BSc with Honors in Conservation of Antiquities and Materials Science from Institute of Archaeology, University College London (1982) and a BA in Ancient Studies/Archaeology from University of Maryland Baltimore County (1979).  My training internships were with the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore,  the Smithsonian Institution Ethnology Laboratory and Southside Historical Sites in Williamsburg.

 I have been working as a conservator of art objects for more than 35 years and currently have a private studio in the Seattle area of Washington State.  I have treated a wide range of archaeological, ethnographic, historical and modern materials from many sites and cultures.  I perform surveys, examinations, and treatments, and provide advice for the care, storage and display of objects of art.  I can also provide educational presentations concerning art conservation issues and the care of art collections.

Through the years I have served many museums, Native American Tribes, historical societies, and other institutions, as well as private collectors in London, Baltimore, New Orleans, North Carolina, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho and Washington State USA. 

  • Graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, 1982,  now part of UCL (University College London)
  • Awarded Ione Gedye prize for practical conservation,  1982
  • BA in Ancient Studies/Archaeology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1979
  • More than 39 years in private practice,  and in institutional settings
  • Professional Associate of AIC
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