I am a professional Art Conservator with a BSc with Honors in Conservation of Antiquities and Materials Science from Institute of Archaeology, University College London (1982) and a BA in Ancient Studies/Archaeology from University of Maryland Baltimore County (1979).  My training internships were with the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore,  the Smithsonian Institution Ethnology Laboratory and Southside Historical Sites in Williamsburg.

 I have been working as a conservator of art objects for more than 35 years and currently have a private studio in the Seattle area of Washington State.  I have treated a wide range of archaeological, ethnographic, historical and modern materials from many sites and cultures.  I perform surveys, examinations, and treatments, and provide advice for the care, storage and display of objects of art.  I can also provide educational presentations concerning art conservation issues and the care of art collections.

Through the years I have served many museums, Native American Tribes, historical societies, and other institutions, as well as private collectors in London, Baltimore, New Orleans, North Carolina, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State USA. 

  • Graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, 1982,  now part of UCL (University College London)
  • Awarded Ione Gedye prize for practical conservation,  1982
  • BA in Ancient Studies/Archaeology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1979
  • More than 35 years in private practice,  and in institutional settings
  • Professional Associate of AIC
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