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​It is the process by which damaged artifacts can be restored while still maintaining their original historic and artistic integrity.

Using both traditional art restoration techniques as well as up-to-date, scientific art conservation methods, your damaged art objects can be cleaned, stabilized, repaired and their losses compensated-for so that they can be preserved and appreciated once more.  It is possible to restore antiques, artifacts, sculptures, heirlooms and collectibles , although there is a difference between art restoration and art conservation, and it is important to understand the difference.

often fail unexpectedly and can be very costly in the long run.  Please visit the FAQspage to learn why art objects deserve professional treatment.

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... are subject to the Code of Ethics set forth by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works:

  • All art objects are examined and treated individually, and not all results will be the same. We cannot perform restoration of parts for which we have no concrete evidence and we will not falsify the condition of any object.
  • If possible, all treatments must be reversible and detectable. This is necessary to provide an ethical art restoration.
  • Full photographic and written documentation of the art conservation treatment is provided
  • We do not perform art conservation treatments on paintings, photos, books, furniture or documents, as these are specialties of their own and require different training.  We also do not conduct art appraisals.  Please visit our  Helpful Links Page for help finding qualified art conservators in other regions/specialties.
  • Visit the Services Page for information of the types of art objects we can treat and the public services we can provide.